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O.K., I'm not trying to cause an argument, but Sandstorm's mother is not Brindleface. Read page 225 of Into the Wild. So, who could her mother be? No matter what I believe, I've been trying to use logic to figure that out. I posted this question on the Questions for Erin Hunter section on the official site (is it only the family trees that are incorrect, or the ENTIRE site? After all, these questions on that forum will be answered by Erin Hunter...) The only options that I see (and evidence supporting) are:

  1. Goldenflower-she DOES seem to hold Goldenflower in high esteem, and brings her up in Code of the Clans, possibly signifying that they are kin. They also look alike, and Star Clan knows that she didn't get her looks from Redtail :)
  2. Frostfur-Were Frostfur and Lionheart mates? As in, confirmed? At the beginning of Into the Wild, Frostfur has four kits, soon after Redtail dies. Could these kits have been Redtail's kits? After all, Brackenfur and Thornclaw are bracken colored/golden-close enough to ginger?
  3. Mousefur-O.K., with absolutely NO evidence, but she never appeared to have a mate... still, as she never had a mate, and Redtail saved her life in the battle against River Clan...though he would do the same for any Thunder Clan cat, as he was an honorable warrior and deputy... hmmmmmmm.....
  4. Dappletail-While Dappletail may have mated with Stormtail, we know that she had kits. Could she have moved on from Stormtail and mated with Redtail?...Yeah, I know how ridiculous this one sounds.
  5. O.K., this is the last option that I see, and actually is quite plausible. Someone brought this up on Sandstorm's talk page, and it's a brilliant theory. Sandstorm may not be fully Thunder Clan. The more I think on this, the more it begins to rival my belief that Goldenflower is Sandstorm's mother. Think... as someone pointed out, Thistleclaw was alive at the time, and it is certainly possible that he stooped to the level of stealing kits...perhaps Redtail gave her to Brindleface to nurse, if Brindleface had had kits that died? Ferncloud and Ashfur may have been her first litter to be ALIVE (page 225, into the wild, Brindleface's first litter.) Still... also, Sandstorm is fast, and can catch a certain prey that ANOTHER clan catches... that's right, Sandstorm can catch rabbits, like Windclan!!! Can she have a Wind Clan mother, and Thistleclaw found out, and then stole her on a raid. If he knew that Redtail was the father and brought her to Thunderclan, then the Clan would have a reason to be allowed to stay in Thunderclan!!! Perhaps only Redtail, Thistleclaw, Bluestar, and whoever suckled Sandstorm (Brindleface?) knew...after all, Mistyfoot and Stonefur's clan never knew that they were half-clan, except for Oakheart, Crookedstar, and Graypool... is this possible?
  6. Brindleface-NOT POSSIBLE!!! I don't think, anyway...because on page 225, Yellowfang says that Ashfur and Ferncloud and the two unnmaed kits were Brindleface's first litter.

Anyone agree with a choice that I mentioned here, or have a different idea? Please post it!!! No matter how long it is :) Hearing ideas are awesome, and a lot of evidence is extremely helpful! The puzzle of Sandstorm's mother will be fun to try to solve! :)

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