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    Okay, so here goes.

    Here are some things I would like to see improvement on:

    Subject 1: The Dark Forest

    Okay, so I know your all thinking: 'But Holly!!! In StarClan, they wouldn't be punished!' I'm not saying they would go to StarClan. Their spirits could just, you know, disappearer and never be heard of again. That would solve a lot more problems, and more cats wouldn't be evil. 



    Yes, I know, Crowfeather made him this way. And for that, I agree Crowfeather is a bad father. But that does not justify Breezepelt's actions for 'almost killing' Jayfeather. He had no right at all to try and kill him. Sure, you might say, 'But Crowfeather abused him into that!' No. That was Breezepelt's choice, and his choice a…

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  • Hollytuft

    The Early Settlers

    December 11, 2015 by Hollytuft

    This is an opinon blog.

    We all know that they have boundaries set and territories, but we can`t go on them, or other cats.

    Cats are very territorial animals, but they shouldn`t of known of boundaries/territories back then. The cats couldn`t have figured out that early! They were rouges before, or loners, and could wander where they wanted. They can`t just somehow know about territories!

    And why do they have to kill cats when they wander onto their territories? For no reason?

    Sometimes it just dosen`t make sence.

    Why were they not called Clans back then? Shouldn`t they have known before?

    Groups would not be a good name for them. They were more then groups! They were bigger then groups. A Clan is a much better name.

    Tall Shadow:

    If you ask me, she`s a nic…

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  • Hollytuft

    Nobody really knows about Leafstar/Echosong`s past. So I`m hoping they could make a backstory for Leafstar or Echosong. Like when they grew up from a kit. I wouldn`t call Firestar`s Quest or SkyClan`s destiny a backstory. They need more fans; and plus, I feel lonely when I like Leafstar or Echosong. You guys hate them! What did they do!? Huh, huh? You guys dislike them for nothing.

    So they could maybe get more fans. I think it would help if they got a backstory. Also, nobody knows what they did in the past. So that would maybe make more fans.

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  • Hollytuft

    Warrior cats

    September 21, 2015 by Hollytuft

    Hi, everyone. I am writing this random blog post, I have no idea why! Enjoy!

    Bluestar haters, I think you should change your minds. I`m not trying to sound rude, but I think BLUESTAR IS THE BEST CAT EVEHH!! Sorry for the caps, I couldn`t help it. Bluestar is a great cat, she even helped her whole Clan! She was never disloyal. I don`t see why you guys dislike her, I mean, she`s great! Bluestar`s color, its so pretty! Let me describe her, here`s what I think: Bluestar is a blue gray she cat with ice blue eyes. She is very loyal. She is not selfish. Her fur color is pretty. She helps other cats. She is a she cat. She is a great cat!

    He took Bluestar`s place! *Runs around like crazy throwing bombs all over ThunderClan camp* Fireheart!!!!!!!!! I …

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  • Hollytuft

    My review on Warrior cats

    September 16, 2015 by Hollytuft

    I am a huge warrior cats fan. And the biggest fan of Bluestar. But, I have a review on warrior cats for you!

    I like pretty much all of warrior cats, but here are some things I don`t like:

    1. Bluestar and Spottedleaf died so early!!!!!!!!!!

    2. medicine cats can`t have kits

    3. There is a Dark Forest!

    And that`s pretty much all.

    the Magna books are so short! I can read them in about 5 or 10 minutes. But warriors is a great series! Also, Goosefeather`s curse, its so short! But, if you have a kindle/tablet its worth buying!

    Here are some charectors I like: (they are not in any order) Bluestar, Spottedleaf, Leafpool, Tawnypelt, Sandstorm, Firestar, Cinderpelt, Echosong, Lefstar.

    I love Warrior cats. I hope you do too.


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