The visions

This is my favorite thing about the story. The visions. So remember when the cats couldn`t find Swiftpaw? A brown cat that Goosekit had never seen before came up and told Goosekit where Swiftpaw was. My favorite vision was the one when he went to the Moonstone. They told him ThunderClan was doomed. "ShadowClan will soar above you and feast on your bones!" I was just like spooked. I like to be spooked. And Mapleshade came and taught him the battle moves. But...I thought she didn`t like ThunderClan! And she made a snake bite a innocent ThunderClan cat! I didn`t like that part.

Stuff that came into my mind when I read the book

When it was the vision at the Moonstone, this came into my mind: like a popping sound. I don`t know how to explain it. I thought of Blackstar with wings. Lol. I also thought of a bunch of starry cats popping up out of nowhere. I don`t know what else.

It was so short!

I mean, the book was so short! I only read it in 3 days!

Things to read about in "Goosefeather`s curse"

Read about the visions! It will keep you entertained. Also read it on Halloween. That`ll add a little something to the holiday. Also, read the warrior/apprentice cerimonies. That is fun too.


Bye bye! Leave comments in the comment box!

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