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We all know that they have boundaries set and territories, but we can`t go on them, or other cats.

Cats are very territorial animals, but they shouldn`t of known of boundaries/territories back then. The cats couldn`t have figured out that early! They were rouges before, or loners, and could wander where they wanted. They can`t just somehow know about territories!

And why do they have to kill cats when they wander onto their territories? For no reason?

Sometimes it just dosen`t make sence.


Why were they not called Clans back then? Shouldn`t they have known before?

Groups would not be a good name for them. They were more then groups! They were bigger then groups. A Clan is a much better name.

The Leaders

Tall Shadow:

If you ask me, she`s a nice cat. She knew what to do after The Great Battle, (see in The Blazing Star), and all the Clans agreed.

"No more fightning over territories and prey. - Tall Shadow in The Blazing Star, page I forgot, Chapter 1.


If you ask me, he was smart and snuck Black Ear away from the rouges. (See Path of Stars,) he helped his father when he was injured, on the Thunderpath.

Clear Sky:

He was a bad leader, and we all probably agree on that. He abandoned his kit, leaving Gray Wing to take care of him. He didn`t even care about his family -_-, he threw Jagged Peak out because he was so-called 'weak.'

He killed Misty, she didn`t even know it was his territory. He threatend to kill TWO INNOCENT KITS.

Wind Runner:

I don`t really have an opinon on her yet.