Okay, so here goes.

Here are some things I would like to see improvement on:

Subject 1: The Dark Forest

Okay, so I know your all thinking: 'But Holly!!! In StarClan, they wouldn't be punished!' I'm not saying they would go to StarClan. Their spirits could just, you know, disappearer and never be heard of again. That would solve a lot more problems, and more cats wouldn't be evil. 



Yes, I know, Crowfeather made him this way. And for that, I agree Crowfeather is a bad father. But that does not justify Breezepelt's actions for 'almost killing' Jayfeather. He had no right at all to try and kill him. Sure, you might say, 'But Crowfeather abused him into that!' No. That was Breezepelt's choice, and his choice alone. 

Subject 3: SkyClan

You could have put them in the books more. I would actually be interested in seeing more of SkyClan. In TAQ I was a bit disappointed how *SPOILERS* they found rogues instead of SkyClan. I would have liked to see the old SkyClan and revive some of my old memories.

Okay, so that was my review on a few things they could change. Comment your opinion below! I will respect it this time, I promise. 

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