Hi, everyone. I am writing this random blog post, I have no idea why! Enjoy!


Bluestar haters, I think you should change your minds. I`m not trying to sound rude, but I think BLUESTAR IS THE BEST CAT EVEHH!! Sorry for the caps, I couldn`t help it. Bluestar is a great cat, she even helped her whole Clan! She was never disloyal. I don`t see why you guys dislike her, I mean, she`s great! Bluestar`s color, its so pretty! Let me describe her, here`s what I think: Bluestar is a blue gray she cat with ice blue eyes. She is very loyal. She is not selfish. Her fur color is pretty. She helps other cats. She is a she cat. She is a great cat!


He took Bluestar`s place! *Runs around like crazy throwing bombs all over ThunderClan camp* Fireheart!!!!!!!!! I will kill you!!!!!! Lol. I actually like him. He saved ThunderClan, and SkyClan, and all the other Clans! He is a very likeable cat. He Is a leader. He has a flame colored coat. Oh, I`m sure everyone here knows him. His mentor was Bluestar. I like him for these reasons: He is a cat. He is a leader. He saved the Clans! He is handsome. He is very loyal. See! He is a very likeable cat! He`s also very nice.


She is leader of SkyClan, I like her. You should too. Oh, you probably don`t know her. She is a brown loyal she cat. She leads SkyClan. Her past was a rouge. If you want to see her, look in SkyClan`s destiny, or Firestar`s quest. She also saved SkyClan. Her mate is Billystorm. She is one of my Favorite cats.


Echosong is a medicine cat. She is in SkyClan. I like her. Echosong is very loyal to her Clan. She is the medicine cat. She was a former kittypet. She is so cute. Echosong is also one of my favorites.

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