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    This is a really big issue I have with the newer arcs.

    The Warrior Code is no longer regarded with respect.

    I mean, ShadowClan couldn't even control its apprentices. In TPB, those apprentices would've obeyed everything their mentors said and, you know, not joined a group of ROGUES.

    Literally these cats are falling apart. completely. The code is regarded with such high respect and authority at the start but as the years go on you have to wonder, do some kits even know it by the time they're apprentices? I mean, I'd imagine they would since six months is a long time to learn a few simple rules, but with the more recent offenses, I don't know. Rule 14 (no murder bcos honor rule) has been broken so many times unnecessarily. A recent one would be …

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  • Homosneksual


    July 25, 2017 by Homosneksual

    Howdy! Today I'm here to complain about Ashfur and call it a "properly written blog". Alrighty so, I just really want to know why people like him as a character?

    Pros of Ashfur:

    1. He was loyal as an apprentice and for the most part as a warrior. He followed directions, stuck to the warrior code, and loved his Clan, his family, etc. He was a good cat at one point.

    2. He was a genuinely nice cat to Squirrelflight before the whole... thing.. happened. He would've made a good mate if not for that.

    Cons of Ashfur:

    1. There's, of course, the whole fire thing. He disobeyed the warrior code and attempted to murder his Clanmates.

    2. He was extremely obsessive and clingy, obviously. He liked Squirrelflight, she goes back to Brambleclaw, obviously he has …

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  • Homosneksual

    The Kin

    July 3, 2017 by Homosneksual

    So, at the end of SS, Darktail and Onestar die together during some quality father-son bonding time, yeah? So, is the Kin gonna be one of those groups that runs off without their trusty leader to bark orders at them, or are they going to arrange a new leader and continue to harass the Clans? I can't remember the ending of SS perfectly, but I'm pretty sure it never mentioned that the rogues were all 100% gone, with zero chance to see them ever again. The Erins still have 3 more books to write, so if the Kin is gone, what's the plot?

    Yes, it could return to the Clans staring at Violetpaw and Twigpaw as they decide whether to follow their father or stay as they are, and how SkyClan settles in. I 100% believe that will be part of the plot, but …

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    May 30, 2017 by Homosneksual

    Okay so there's a few cats in the series who have almost become mates, but another cat comes in last second. Some examples include:

    Dustpelt and Sandstorm. They were really close as apprentices, and I bet that if Rusty had never stalked that mouse in the woods, their kits would be warriors fighting for the Clan. Firestar joined the Clans, Sandstorm realized she liked him, they became mates instead, Dustpelt ended up with Ferncloud.

    Squirrelflight and Ashfur. You all know the story. Squirrel and Bramble break up, Ash comes in, Squirrel goes back to Bramble because she's the biggest drama queen the Clans have ever seen, ect ect.

    Another example, though kind of fuzzy, is Dovewing/Tigerheart or Dovewing/Bumblestripe. So, with the new super edition…

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