Hi again! This rant (I'll be doing a lot of rants) is on one of the most powerful cats in the Clans: Tigerstar.

Tigerstar, as every Warriors fan should know, is the former leader of ShadowClan. Before that, he lived in ThunderClan, and was a killer. Just a few of his victims: Redtail, Runningwind, Gorsepaw, Brindleface, Swiftpaw, and the almost-dead: Cinderpelt, Brightheart, and Bluestar. He's also the reason Bluestar went all loopy. He made TigerClan, let Stonefur die, and eventually started one of the biggest battles in Clan history.

Despite all the chaos Tigerstar caused, I can still see the good side of him. For example, his affection towards Goldenflower and his kits. NO cat can deny that he didn't care about Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt. He just distanced himself because he knew that he was a monster, and he didn't know how to be a father. He always felt guilty about Cinderpelt's accident on the Thunderpath. AND before the battle with the living Clans, deep down, Tigerstar actually wanted StarClan to win.

Despite the mild feelings of guilt and affetion this cat had, Tigerstar however is still plenty evil. Even when he died, he continued to work against the Clans, training cats like, say, Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw. He was even ambitious as an apprentice, almost killing Scourge, then Tiny, being trained my Thistleclaw. As a warior, he basically went around killing, and eventually got exiled, but THEN went and joined ShadowClan, and started this battle, got killed by Scourge, and even THEN worked against the Clans in the Dark-flipping-Forset! Honestly, I was, like, celebrating when Firestar killed him the SECOND time! (Then I cried because Firestar was dead).But before the sad ending of The Last Hope, Tigerstar basically went around killing, then went around training a bunch of cats when he was DEAD!

So a summary: Tigerstar, starting as an apprentice, was a cold, merciless cat trained by Thistleclaw. When he became a warrior, coincidentally right after Firepaw joined ThunderClan, he started his little killing spree with Redtail as his first victim. He killed and scarred multiple cats after that, and by book 3, he made Bluestar go insane! He, through al of this, was aware of what he was, and distances himself from his kits out of fear and cluelessness. He acted as a saint, making TigerClan, and starting the Great Battle. His ally, Scourge, kills him, and as a Dark Forest resident, he trained cats against their own Clans. Eventually he gets killed AGAIN by Firestar, who also dies, and they all lived happily ever after. THE END!

Well, that's my Tigerstar rant! I've got mixed feelings for that guy. It was also hard to stay calm during this! May StarClan light your path!

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