• Insaneular

    Dealing With Vandals

    March 4, 2010 by Insaneular

    Alright, just thought I'd post a quick how-to on dealing with the oh-so-annoying bane of wikis, vandals. Over my time here as an ordinary user who patrolled recent edits, then a rollbacker, now an admin, I've developed a method of what to do in the face of vandalism that works quite well in my experience, so here it is for all of you, so you know the proper way of dealing with things when they come up and a staff member isn't available.

    Step One: Find and Identify vandalism

    Obviously, the first thing that happens is the vandalism itself. There are two main ways to discover vandalism as it happens; patrolling recent changes, or by email notifications of your watched pages being edited. Personally, I use both to track changes and look for bad …
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