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    Vicky's answers

    April 18, 2012 by Ivystripe

    Ok, I figured that it would be easier to create a blog for this instead of jumbling it on my subpage, because she answered a lot of questions that you guys never asked. I know you can't use my telling you this as a citation, but for what it's worth, I'd never lie to you guys. Never in a hundred years. Also, some of this was actually captured on video which I could upload to Youtube if I'm allowed and you guys would like. With that, I'll start this off. (and note, some of these aren't in order, it's just the way I remember the ones she answered during the Q & A section)

    Things she mentioned in her speech:

    • She hurt her hip prior to the book signing and apologized if she stood weird
    • She confirmed the Tallstar Super Edition (no name yet)
    • She talke…

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  • Ivystripe

    Ok, this will probably be my last huge contribution before I go on a semi-hiatus, still finishing my pictures though. Anyway, when I was reading through Bluestar's Prophecy, I found myself comparing Snowfur's relationship with Thistleclaw, and Bluestar with Oakheart. I'll start by analyzing Snowfur's relationship.

    While we all seemed to sympathize with Bluefur about her distaste about her sister's mate, the second time reading, I really couldn't. I felt she was trying to put her anger towards something, and I feel she started becoming jealous, not only because she wanted a mate, but when she started mooning over Oakheart, she wanted a mate she could stay with. For all of Thistleclaw's faults, he was a good, loyal mate to Snowfur. From when …

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