Ok, this will probably be my last huge contribution before I go on a semi-hiatus, still finishing my pictures though. Anyway, when I was reading through Bluestar's Prophecy, I found myself comparing Snowfur's relationship with Thistleclaw, and Bluestar with Oakheart. I'll start by analyzing Snowfur's relationship.

While we all seemed to sympathize with Bluefur about her distaste about her sister's mate, the second time reading, I really couldn't. I felt she was trying to put her anger towards something, and I feel she started becoming jealous, not only because she wanted a mate, but when she started mooning over Oakheart, she wanted a mate she could stay with. For all of Thistleclaw's faults, he was a good, loyal mate to Snowfur. From when I remember him being in the Dark Forest, he still talked lovingly of her, no matter how much he disliked her sister. I feel that if Moonflower hadn't of died, Bluefur might had made more of an effort to tolerate Thistleclaw, and he would have been more accepting of letting her see his son. I saw a lot of love in his actions for Snowfur, it might have been looks or lust when she was mooning over him, but I feel that it turned into true love after time went on.

Which brings me to Bluestar and Oakheart. As much as I dislike the couple, when I was reading, I was trying to find this so called "true love" between them. Know what I found? Zilch. She went from protecting her territory to mooning over him to their one night at Fourtrees and then nothing. They hardly talked. I would have had more sympathy if they had been friends like her and Crookedjaw, but I read nothing to denote that. I felt they felt each other were good looking cats (denoted by what Bluestar thinks about him, which all includes looks) and decided to make a mistake. Honestly, how could a she-cat not notice what the tom is, err...doing to her? "That", for lack of better words, if very painful for a cat, so I don't see why she was so surprised when she was carrying kits. She knew about her destiny, and yet, she acted out of lust instead of love. If you can prove to me that there is factual evidence that it was, in fact, an act of love, then convince me. That's why I created this blog, a factual discussion about a topic.