Ok, I figured that it would be easier to create a blog for this instead of jumbling it on my subpage, because she answered a lot of questions that you guys never asked. I know you can't use my telling you this as a citation, but for what it's worth, I'd never lie to you guys. Never in a hundred years. Also, some of this was actually captured on video which I could upload to Youtube if I'm allowed and you guys would like. With that, I'll start this off. (and note, some of these aren't in order, it's just the way I remember the ones she answered during the Q & A section)

Things she mentioned in her speech:

  • She hurt her hip prior to the book signing and apologized if she stood weird
  • She confirmed the Tallstar Super Edition (no name yet)
  • She talked a little about Yellowfang's Secret, but didn't give much information. She said we all know about her having the forbidden relationship with Raggedpelt/Raggedstar, but they really had to learn more about Yellowfang. For one, they needed to really find a reason to make her want to be a medicine cat after she was a warrior, and it's not due to injury. Yellowfang is grumpy due to her hard life in ShadowClan
  • She thinks that Survivors will be ok, but she knows so little about it that she doesn't even know the names of the new writers involved.
  • She confirmed the title "Dawn of the Clans", and the original leaders, Thunder, Shadow, River, Wind, and Sky.
  • She talked a little about how she hates cats because she is allergic to them, and how she absolutely loves killing them off. She even said that sometimes Kate, Cherith, and/or HarperCollins have to tell her not to kill off so many cats. She enjoys killing off the ones that have ever been in a happy relationship, and thinks that their mates will simply "get over it".
  • She mentioned that she loved the idea of differing religion, and she says that she likes the idea of a "good Athiest". She doesn't say that they believe in StarClan after the events of the Dark Forest, but mentions when confronted with Darkstripe, he says that even though he doesn't believe in StarClan, he believes in evil. (this statement is contradictory to what Kate said about their faith)
Question: Do you think Pinestar is proud of Tigerstar?
Answer: I'm not really sure. I'd have to really think about that. I suppose he might, but he abandoned his Clan to become a know, I've never really thought about that. Great question.
Question: Did Jake go to StarClan? Did Pinestar ever talk to him and get him to believe in it?
Answer: No, he did not, and I'm sure Pinestar talked to him about it, but wasn't able to convert him to StarClanism haha!
Question: Is Jayfeather emo?
Answer: No!
Question: Was Jayfeather x Half Moon the forbidden medicine cat relationship? (I asked this and I think she didn't quite understand my question)
Answer: They do eventually get together...he wasn't a medicine cat at the time...oh, between two medicine cats? No, it wasn't them!
Question: Who is your favorite cat?
Answer: Cinderpelt
Question: Will we ever find out what happens after this book?
Answer: There might be a Super Edition in a few years about what happens after the battle.
Question: Was Ashfur justified in his actions?
Answer: No, he certainly wasn't.
Question: Will Jayfeather get an apprentice, and if so, whom?
Answer: We don't know who he takes as an apprentice.
(there are more, but I need to look through my recording again to see what else she said)
-Mine/WW questions-
Question: Will Ivypool and Dovewing ever have kits?
Answer: Dovewing will certainly have kits with Bumblestripe! Ivypool, on the other hand, I don't think she ever gets a mate. (this contradicts what Kate said. She says that Ivypool does gain a mate, so I don't think they've talked about this at all)
Question: How do cats know what feet are when they have paws? (Blackfoot, Mistyfoot)
Answer: They have two names for paws
Question: Have any of you made any embarrassing typos before your editor caught it?
Answer: Embarrassing? No. But I have made a lot of typos in the books that they have caught
Question: Did Heavystep finally die and go to StarClan?
Answer: Yes
Question? Will there ever be a Stickkit?
Answer: We have no plans for a Stickkit. We are also not planning on using the name Rockstar, either! Haha!
Question: Now that they are back together, will Bramblestar have kits with Squirrelflight?
Answer: I'm afraid that she's never going to be able to have his kits.
Question: Have you ever visited the Warriors Wiki like Kate?
Answer: I've looked at it a few times, but I don't really use it
Question: Who gives Bramblestar his nine lives?
Answer: We originally had it planned to be in the book, but it was edited out. It will certainly make an appearance in the Super Edition if we are ever requested to make it
Me: Do you think Goldenflower gave him a life?
Vicky: Certainly! After all, she is his mother
Me: And what about Hollyleaf? Certainly she'd give him a life?
Vicky: You know what? I never really thought about that. Hmm. But you're right, she should give him a life.
Me: Even after it was revealed that he wasn't her father, I've always seen him as her father.
Vicky: Yes, I do too. He was an excellent father to her.
Question: I think it would be cool if you could use my cat, Ivystripe, in Dawn of the Clans, is this possible?
Answer: Because of this lovely picture of Mousepaw you drew me, and because I like the name, it's definitely possible that you will see Ivystripe in the book.

Alright! I'm really sorry she couldn't answer all of your questions. In the beginning, she said that she never thinks about Warrior names for kits/apprentices that will never be shown as such, because that's a waste of a perfectly good name, so that led me to figure if she doesn't know that, she certainly won't know the descriptions and genders of unknown cats. I am going to try to ask her one more question on her Facebook that she did not answer, why the plotline explaining Bumblestripe's falling out with Ivypool occurred. But yeah, I hope these answers help you guys out some! Any thoughts about her answers are welcome :)