• Jackrulestheworld

    OK, I know that a lot of you really want SkyClan to help in the StarClan vs. Dark Forest battle, but think about it; it isn't that likely. I have a list of reasons:

    1. SkyClan lives too far away. Think about it. I mean, sure, Jingo and those other loners could help, and maybe Ravenpaw and Barley could help too, but SkyClan lives very far away.
    2. Even if they try to go, they still probably think that the Clans live in the forest. They haven't heard from Firestar and Sandstorm (the only Clan cats from another Clan they know) since Firestar's Quest, when they still lived in the forest. So if they go, they'll just get all bundled up in that Twolegplace the Twolegs have built.
    3. Even if they try to go and a StarClan cat tells them about their new home, thereā€¦

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