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  • Kitsufox

    Since I have a huge expectation that we're going to have multiple applicants for the single open Admin Slot (and potentially it will happen with the other ranks as things progress). Here's Kitsu's "Master Plan" for handling it.

    1. We will take nominations for a minimum of 2 weeks (prehaps longer, if it seems like people are interested and just working on perfecting thier application. Those people should let staff know they're going to apply, though, so we don't close the door in your face).
    2. Once nominations are offically closed and all Sysop-votes for those nominations are concluded, the list of all that were accepted by Sysop-vote will be compiled and reviewed by the existing Admins. They will order that list based on the qualifications of th…

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  • Kitsufox

    Should you have a problem with something on Warriors Wiki, making a blog to complain about it is not the place to get started. You should either take your problem directly to the appropriate project, the correct section of the Project Operations Forum, the Discussion Area Forum, or the Suggestions Forum.

    Blogs are in the faces of new and casual users. These new folks should not have to be exposed to our dirty laundry in huge quantities. It was one thing when it was 1 blog every month or so bringing up a point for clarification or a subject for discussion, but it's gotten to the point where someone finds something to complain about pretty much every day, and most of them are subject that have already been beaten to death.

    In short: Please direct…

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  • Kitsufox

    Expanded Menu Options!

    October 12, 2011 by Kitsufox

    Greetings, folks! Welcome again to a blog in which Kitsu talks about some new feature!

    I'm sure you've all seen the changes to the menu area, which expand the number of menu items we can post on the wiki from 4 top/7 Bottom to 4 top/5 Mid/10 Bottom. That's right, we went from 30 potential items to 224!! Impressive, isn't it?

    So far, I've done my best to arrange the menus in a way that makes sense, makes content more easily available to the user, and expands what's on display (except for world, I haven't sat down and worked through world, but that will come soon).

    If you have ideas for alterations to these menus or the way I have them laid out, just let me know! And for the record, I can't alter the "On The Wiki" menu in any way, or what comes …

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  • Kitsufox

    The Wikian's Code

    September 28, 2011 by Kitsufox

    Since there are users who seem to have trouble figureing out how to behave on this wiki, I decided to write this... Hopefully it will help. (Keep in mind that this list isn't all inclusive. You can find a full list of all policies HERE .)

    1. Know the NOT Policy, for it is the Silverpelt that looks down on us all and shows us how to be a good Wikian. It doesn't hurt to know the rest of the Policies, too.
    2. Respect everyone, from the most active Administrator to the newest Newbie. Personal attacks and harassment are not tolerated on any part of this wiki, from talk page to chatroom.
    3. Leave the affairs of other Wikis with those other Wikis. Warriors Wiki is for Warriors Wiki. If you're here to talk to someone about another Wiki, don't.
    4. Contribute. If you …

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  • Kitsufox
    The Post in Sarah Manley's Blog

    I just received a notice about this new post, letting us know about the new editor skin that will drop at the end of the month and I figured the rest of you would like to go forth and find out more so the change didn't blindside you completely.

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