I'm sure many of you are sick of my enforcement of the NOT Policy. But it's something that's needed here, and something I can do very well while I complete my re-read of the series. I'd like to just publicly state a few things:

  1. If you already have an image, and want to change it, mark the old one with the {{Delete}} tag when you change the images. This saves the staff the work of finding your images.
  2. If you have more than one image on your page, I'll notice you eventually (or some helpful soul who feels like you should get into trouble, too will help me out and let me know that you're violating the NOT Policy). If you ignore my 24-hour warning to pick one to keep, I'll ignore your ignoring and pick one for your to keep myself and delete everything else.
  3. Character art ABSOLUTELY cannot be used anywhere else. This means if you are making a bunch of requests that you can't use on this website, I'll be suspecting you of using it somewhere else.

I know many of you love character art. But it's not the beginning and end of this wiki. It's just one project. and to be honest it's a low priority project compared to Books or Characters or World, which are the meat and potatoes of the wiki. Charart is nothing but garnish. If the meat is dry and overcooked on top of the potatoes being mealy and mis-cooked then the meal will suck, however pretty the garnish.

If character art is the only reason you're here then maybe you should head to DeviantArt instead, and use your skills for an art community. Particularly if you're not at least focusing your skills on Project Charart work. If you're only here for the casual, non-mainspace stuff... Maybe you should reconsider things.

This ended up dangerously close to a rant... But the idea that if you're here to be social and play at art without making art for more than another user... Maybe it's time to consider options for a new base of operations...

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