Greetings, folks! Welcome again to a blog in which Kitsu talks about some new feature!

I'm sure you've all seen the changes to the menu area, which expand the number of menu items we can post on the wiki from 4 top/7 Bottom to 4 top/5 Mid/10 Bottom. That's right, we went from 30 potential items to 224!! Impressive, isn't it?

So far, I've done my best to arrange the menus in a way that makes sense, makes content more easily available to the user, and expands what's on display (except for world, I haven't sat down and worked through world, but that will come soon).

If you have ideas for alterations to these menus or the way I have them laid out, just let me know! And for the record, I can't alter the "On The Wiki" menu in any way, or what comes in the "Contribute" dropdown. And if you're from another wiki and don't have it yet, let me save you time: It's in the Admin section, Wiki Features, the "Labs" part of the page. You just have to flip the switch and you, too, can have an awesome menu!'

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