Since I have a huge expectation that we're going to have multiple applicants for the single open Admin Slot (and potentially it will happen with the other ranks as things progress). Here's Kitsu's "Master Plan" for handling it.

  1. We will take nominations for a minimum of 2 weeks (prehaps longer, if it seems like people are interested and just working on perfecting thier application. Those people should let staff know they're going to apply, though, so we don't close the door in your face).
  2. Once nominations are offically closed and all Sysop-votes for those nominations are concluded, the list of all that were accepted by Sysop-vote will be compiled and reviewed by the existing Admins. They will order that list based on the qualifications of the users in question.
  3. The first person on the list will be presented to the public for vote. Should that person be passed by community consensus, then they will receive the slot. Should they not be passed, the second person on the list will be put forth. This process will be repeated until either a candidate is found that the community endorses or we're out of candidates. (in the case of running out of candidates, we'll start at the begining again)

Now, for a few quick notes:

  • The date of the closing will be announced at least 3 days prior to the actual closing of the vote, so that everyone has an opportunity to be warned.
  • The order the candidates are put it will be confidential and will not be revealed by the admins to avoid hurt feelings.

Suggestions and changes are still on the table right now, which is part of why I decided to do this in a blog. As this a precedent setting activity, I figure it needs to be as public as possible and accessible even to newbies who aren't familiar with the forum.

 Kitsufox  Den/CoSC 21:14, January 28, 2012 (UTC)