Many of you know I'm a bit of a psyco where the NOT Policy is concerned.

Our Not policy bans casual conversation. And those "Pick your fave/least fave" blogs not only are about as casual as you get, but they don't even encourage intelligent discussion (I consider intelligent conversations about the warriors books/world/character in which all posts are around 25 or more words to be meritus of me excusing the cluttering of the recent changes).

In short: I'll no longer be leaving those polling blogs, which bring nothing but irritation to many, on the website. Starting 29 December 2010 at about... 8AM they'll be fair game and they'll be delete on sight (the same way any other NOT Policy Violating Blog is).

I think that's pretty clear. And a pretty fair warning. It's not like these blogs bring anything to anyone anyways. If you want to canoodle with people who just want to sqee and obsess find a casual fanforum. Don't use the Warriors Wiki as your substitute.

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