I know this might not make sense to you, but you must keep your userpage at the correct name. It absolutely must be kept at your login name. otherwise, anytime a sysop (or anybody else, for that matter) wants to look things up relating to your account, they can't simply click links from your userpage (IE: Contributions).

It creates confusion and the potential for conflicts over userpage ownership (IE: You're storing your userpage at "Featherbird" and your username is really something else, if someone registered the account Featherbird, suddenly you're stealing their userspace.

So, the short version is: You're only entitled to the userspace that matches the name of the account you're using.

There are two small exceptions to this, relating to administative stuff. If an admin has a bot that they use to make mass changes that don't clutter recent changes, they can redirect their bot's userpage to their true userpage. Oh, and Wikia staffers can redirect to the central Wiki.

If you have any questions, just let me know. If you know of a page that's not located at the proper account name, you can move it to the correct one yourself or contact me to deal with it.

Thank you all for your compliance.

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