Since this misadventure of Wikia's is going to be effecting us all very, very soon, I figured now was a good time to make sure everyone knows that the changes are coming, and they're coming soon.

Most important are the following dates, taken from THIS post by Sannse.

  • October 6th - The new look becomes available on all Wikia websites. (This is the date we start the transition)
  • October 20th - The new look becomes the default, and Monaco (the current skin) becomes an option that you can temporarily use
  • November 3rd - Monaco goes away and the new skin becomes the only option.

That's right. In about a month they'll phase in the new skin and phase out the old one. I'm listing below the significant changes that this wiki will have to attend to. These changes are from information i've collected HERE.

Menu Changes

The menu now has a limited number of options. You get 4 dropdowns that contain 7 items each. That's right, there's no good way to transition out current menu to this, so some discussions will have to happen and things will have to get adjusted. BIG TIME.

Right now I've resolved the Menu issue by giving one to each of the following: Books, Characters, World, Community.
Books links the major series, and then has a link to "Manga" that will lead to the various manga series. Changes might have to be made in the future, but for now it should work.
Characters links to the 7 major groups, they fit, but someday changes might have to be made.
World is still up in the air. Once I figure out exactly how the various information is sorted, and how best to approach lumping and categorizing it, then I'll make that menu.
Community provides links to the 4 big projects, the two small projects, and the forum. If project Oversight gets organized soon (which would oversee everything not already a part of a project/doesn't fit with a current project) I would boot Userbox to make room to display it.

The logo size will be changing dramatically. Exact specifications for the working size have not yet been released, but I'll transition to current logos into something visually similar with a layout suited to the new format.


The mainpage will undergo a major overhaul to fit what we have now and what we decided to do to it into it as best we can. As soon as some sort of draft is done for the transitioned mainpage I'll take suggestions and we'll tweak it until it's perfect. We do need to make sure that this mainpage will be able to pick up the slack from the menus, since the menus are about to become valuable real estate so things like the books will have limited space in them, and world is already shorted in the menus without these limitations... At least the new mainpage was already walking in the direction of picking up that slack, so this usage might have to expand.

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