• LatteRumor1

    Kitty Warriors

    July 7, 2012 by LatteRumor1

    Okay, I adore Skyclan but one thing just gets on my nerves. The Kittypet, oops I mean Daylight warriors. According to the warrior code a true warrior rejects the soft life of a Kittypet. These daylight warriors are breaking it. They still live with twolegs. Some of them are lazy and they even have half Kittypet names. Leafstar is a great cat, but even though Skyclan is small, the Kitty Warriors should be given a choice, Warrior or Kittypet. They need to choose. If not for the sake of the clans stability by stopping infighting, for the code. If the other clans could meet Skyclan as it is now, they would be appalled.

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