Everyone knows that 'evil' cats go to the Dark Forest, and 'good' cats go to StarClan. But what defines 'Good' and 'Evil'?

Let's take Tigerstar to start. He is the classic movie villain, evil, cunning, hatable. I admit, I hate him, but as a villian I love him. Most will say he deserves the Dark Forest, and though he did a lot of 'evil' deeds, why? First, he had an awful lot of influence from Thistleclaw, who is just mental. Thistleclaw encourages this violent behavior (like attacing Scourge), and teaches him that strong, bloodthirsty warriors are best for leaders. But also remeber that he only tried to be loyal and be the best warrior he could. And he was a good warrior. Remember how Firestar was shocked at his death, his violent, cruel death? Still, his place is firmly in the Dark Forest, where he seems to be thriving.

I think Darkstripe is interesting too. Let's think of the 'evil' deeds he did to end up in the DF. He tried to kill Sorrelkit with deathberries, which was a bit low, killed Stonefur and made some assasination attempts against Firestar. But all of these were under Tigerstar's influence. I think that Darkstripe was mostly scared of Tigerstar, which is why he followed him like a religion. But remeber his confusion at being lost in the DF? He did not expect to end up there, and he just wanted to watch his Clan in StarClan.

Ashfur, oh Ashfur. 'He loved too much'. Tigerstar loved himself, and his Clan. Darkstripe loved Tigerstar as a bestie. But Ashfur tried to murder at least four cats, and went mental, and all because he 'loved too much'. Shouldn't this count as being DF material? Or not; does only murdering a cat count? Not assaination. At least Darkstripe and Tigerstar had loyalty on their side. Ashfur just had mental-ness.

I'm going to take a perfectly 'good' StarClan cat now. Silverstream. She was loyal, good, and had a mate from ThunderClan. Hang on a moment... She asked cats to lie for her, and lied herself. She made Firestar subject to more loyalty rumour, and let Mistystar cover for her. That's a fairly big lie huh? And isn't forbidden mates against the warrior code?

If the line was black and white, about following the code 100%, at least 80% of current StarClan would be Dark Forest cats. But it isn't. There is a very fine line between going to StarClan or the Dark Forest. What are your opinions?

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