Nightcloud and Breezepelt

So we have all met Nightcloud, we've seen how she's acted and how she treats others. But only one main question remains between her quarrel with Leafpool and Crowfeather; what the heck is her deal?

She has always seemed over-protective of Breezepelt, who is exactly like her, she was always fidgity and always very loving towards Crowfeather, loving as in crazy love I mean come on she was bound to find out he was related to Wind sometime.

By the way, this is about Breezepelt too.

I don't like Nightcloud and Breezepelt because;

  1. Nightcloud: She's WAAAY too skittish and crazy Breezepelt: He is annoying
  2. Nightcloud: She's over-protective of Breezepelt and her relationship with Crowfeather Breezepelt: He's bossy
  3. Nightcloud:She's annoying Breezepelt: He's mean
  4. 1,2, and 3

I'd like to hear what all of you other contributers like to say about Nightcloud, any opinions.

- Leopardstar058

I don't own Warriors or any of the characters

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