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  • I was born on September 27
  • Lightingsky

    Hei guys,so this is my second post. And I'm gonna tell you my thoughts about Firestar

    So Firestar. I love this cat so much. Because he was a kittypet that became one of the greatest leader the forest have ever known. It's amazing ! There's no kittypet that can become such a great leader except Firestar. I know that he has a heart of a warrior,even thought he was born in twolegs territory. I was amazed when the day he first met Graypaw,he chose to turn back and fight. He love taking risk,and he did it for his clan. He is such a loyal,brave,strong ThunderClan cat. Thats why he was made warrior before Sandpaw and Dustpaw. I remember when he became a leader,he chose Whitestorm as his Deputy. And the day before the battle with Bloodclan,he's th…

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  • Lightingsky
    • Thistleclaw will be Thistlestar
    • Scourge would died
    • ,Redtail,Runningwind,Whitestorm,Spottedleaf and Lionheart would never died
    • Graystripe will be exiled,for being Silverstream's mate.
    • Yellowfang will never be ThunderClan's medicine cat
    • Fireheart would never be a warrior
    • Stonefur and Mistyfoot will never existed
    • Cinderpelt never had a crippled leg. She will be a warrior

    anything else you think ?

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