Hei guys,so this is my second post. And I'm gonna tell you my thoughts about Firestar

So Firestar. I love this cat so much. Because he was a kittypet that became one of the greatest leader the forest have ever known. It's amazing ! There's no kittypet that can become such a great leader except Firestar. I know that he has a heart of a warrior,even thought he was born in twolegs territory. I was amazed when the day he first met Graypaw,he chose to turn back and fight. He love taking risk,and he did it for his clan. He is such a loyal,brave,strong ThunderClan cat. Thats why he was made warrior before Sandpaw and Dustpaw. I remember when he became a leader,he chose Whitestorm as his Deputy. And the day before the battle with Bloodclan,he's the one who made such a great plan to unite Tigerclan with Lionclan. He lost his first life when he was fighting Scourge,and he came back to life and killed Scourge,in a moment the battle has stopped. He saved the forest. But too bad his deputy,Whitesorm has to died.

So...that all my thoughts about Firestar. I'm sorry if my post makes no sense...

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