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  • My occupation is Teaching Horseback Riding
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  • Lilydust

    Okay, so there's a lot of people who dislike permenant queens, and others who are okay with them. I wrote this blog to discuss the good and bad things about them and why.


    • They provide protection for the kits, and, I suppose, the queens, for when a battle comes. Now, I'm not saying that they're actual mothers wouldn't, but they'd probably have more energy and strength.
    • They care for the kits. They really do like them, I guess. They keep them out of trouble.
    • They make sure the actual queens are okay. They help them with their kits and comfort them.


    • They're lazy. To be honest with you, they are. They should at least hunt for the nursery. The permanent queens are just extra mouths to feed if they really aren't going to do anything for th…

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