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  • I live in LilyClan
  • I was born on January 29
  • My occupation is doing stuff, I guess.
  • I am female
  • Lilywing


    There are tons of things that get me about these cats...but what gets me the most is that some she-cats quit their warrior duties for no good reason (besides being lazy) and mooch around in the Clan's coziest den all day. For StarClan's sake, it's the mother's job to care for her kits, and even if she died, the permanent queens wouldn't magically get milk from nowhere. At least Goldenflower was a warrior most of her life, and stayed in the nursery when she should have been an elder.

    Ferncloud -

    • She's the one who gets me the most. She had good apprentice training, but it all went to waste. The most honorable thing she ever did was pitch in to kill Bone. I agree she's kind and caring, but still.
    • She thinks she's so dependent just …
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  • Lilywing


    Both leaders had their own flaws, but which led ThunderClan better? I'd like to hear your opinions.

    Bluestar -

    • She chose to be mopy, grumpy, and self-pitying after all her losses.
    • She chose to fall in love with a cat from another Clan, mate, and have kits with him despite the prophecy.
    • She also ended up killing one of her kits in the snow over a presumption about another cat that she didn't even know was true.
    • She was wise and fair with dealing with ThunderClan despite everything else.
    • However, she wasn't too soft, and only allowed a kittypet to join the Clan after he proved he was worthy.
    • After Tigerclaw betrayed her, she was scarred and went insane, after what happened in the past. She also scarred several other cats with her insani…
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  • Lilywing

    SPOILER ALERT! Okay, so my previous blog was to write a petition to HarperCollins to write a super edition about what happens after The Last Hope. What I want to know is, what does everyone THINK will happen?

    Here are my ideas -

    • Squirrelflight (I don't want her too, she's my favorite character) - well, I think something will happen to her, since no leader's deputy has lasted to the end!
    • Cinderheart and Lionblaze, Dovewing and Bumblestripe, and Ivypool and Toadstep (maybe) will have kits.
    • Cinderheart and Lionblaze - Honeykit (Honeywing) (golden brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes), Hollykit (Hollyfrost) (black she-cat with blue eyes), Firekit (Firestorm) (red-brown tom with yellow eyes)
    • Dovewing and Bumblestripe - Fernkit (Fernstorm) (gray she-ca…
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  • Lilywing


    April 29, 2012 by Lilywing

    Sorry I won't be able to do this myself (I'm not familiar with the technology of creating a website and I wouldn't get any signatures if I did it by hand), :) but who agrees we should write a petition to HarperCollins to convince the Erins to write a super edition about what happens after the battle? Isn't everyone itching to find out what happens to Cinderheart and Lionblaze's or Dovewing and Bumblestripe's kits? Honestly! And wouldn't we want to know what happens when Brambleclaw finally wins control over ThunderClan? Or who gave him his nine lives? I'd love to know if you agree.

    (I could write to HarperCollins myself, and maybe a few other users on this wiki could too, if a petition won't work out. Or we could put a page up on this wiki …

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  • Lilywing

    Graystripe's Mother

    April 9, 2012 by Lilywing

    Sorry if you think I'm copying you, Hollytail :), but here's the catch - Willowpelt can't be Graystripe's mother. For one thing, it said in Rising Storm that Rainkit, Sootkit, and Sorrelkit were her first litter. Also, Patchpelt and Willowpelt are BROTHER AND SISTER. I honestly wonder what the Erins were thinking when they told us who Graystripe's parents were. Honestly, I'd sooner believe Sandstorm's parents were Redtail and Brindleface. And I'm ready to believe Patchpelt is Graystripe's father, but his mother -

    1. Dappletail. The Erins revealed that she had a mate and kits. Couldn't Patchpelt have been her mate, and Graystripe her kit?
    2. Graypool. Yes, Graystripe might not even be fully ThunderClan. I know this sounds ridiculous, but there is a res…
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