I just read Bluestar's Prophecy, and honestly, I thought it was way overdone. Okay, I get that the point was to get everyone to realize what a great cat Bluestar was in spite of everything she went through, but they didn't have to make her life that bad. Not that it isn't one of my favorites, but at the end, I felt like flinging the book down and screaming.

  • Her mother gets killed in a pointless battle when she's barely an apprentice, for heaven's sake!
  • Her father considers her a nuisance.
  • She has to deal with her psychotic uncle's anger issues. (Honestly, Goosefeather scares me!)
  • She's forced to fulfill a prophecy when she's barely a warrior.
  • Her sister (her twin, for heaven's sake!) falls in love with the psychotic freak Thistleclaw, and then gets run over by some drunk driver (or some teen texting behind the wheel) right before Bluefur's eyes. (I miss you, Snowfur!)
  • She's forced to lie about her affair with Oakheart to her Clan, and then give up her kits to save Thistleclaw from drowning the forest in blood. And one of them dies, poor thing! (Luv Mosskit!)
  • When she becomes leader, two of her deputies are brutally killed, and her third deputy betrays her. She gets mentally scarred and goes crazy!
  • Oakheart, her dear boyfriend, is crushed by falling rocks.
  • She drowns herself to save everyone from a pack of vicious dogs, and finally goes to StarClan.

I don't get why everyone thinks Crookedstar had it worse. At least he still had Oakheart. Bluestar lost practically everyone. And her agony didn't end even after she died! (Stonefur, her son, was brutally murdered by Darkstripe and Blackfoot, her nephew, Whitestorm, was killed by Bone, Oakheart's grandniece, Feathertail, gave her life to save her friends, her grandnephew, Sootfur, was brutally murdered by a bager, her other grandnephew, Rainwhisker, was crushed by a tree, her great-grandnephew, Molepaw, died of greencough, her great-grandniece, Honeyfern, was killed by a snake....) Honestly, I hope you agree.

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