Both leaders had their own flaws, but which led ThunderClan better? I'd like to hear your opinions.

Bluestar -

  • She chose to be mopy, grumpy, and self-pitying after all her losses.
  • She chose to fall in love with a cat from another Clan, mate, and have kits with him despite the prophecy.
  • She also ended up killing one of her kits in the snow over a presumption about another cat that she didn't even know was true.
  • She was wise and fair with dealing with ThunderClan despite everything else.
  • However, she wasn't too soft, and only allowed a kittypet to join the Clan after he proved he was worthy.
  • After Tigerclaw betrayed her, she was scarred and went insane, after what happened in the past. She also scarred several other cats with her insanity, and even caused a few deaths. (i.e., Swiftpaw)

If she was actually a real leader, she would learn to get over things and let bygones be bygones. After she went insane, everything fell to bits, and imagine how many mental scars she gave poor Lostface. Look how many losses Sorreltail went through. She didn't fall apart (though she's not the leader type).

Firestar -

  • He was rather soft as a leader, picking his battles, though I admired the fact he didn't choose to end everything with a fight.
  • He let in stragglers, though I'm rather disappointed at that. Millie...okay, but he should have at least made her take a warrior name. I'm quite disappointed at him letting Daisy into ThunderClan, and letting her sit around in the coziest den while the other cats pamper her as she pretends to "care for their kits."
  • He forced Briarlight to live and give her a warrior name (okay, he didn't force her) but it would have been much more humane to give her a quick death, since it's impossible for StarClan to heal her, and she's going to die a much worse death.
  • He handled disloyal cats very poorly (for example, Darkstripe) and let them continue their treachery.

He's a good leader, that's for sure, but he should have been a little less softer and paid more attention to his own Clan. I'm not a huge fan of Bramblestar myself, but he I'm sure he'll keep the Clan together.

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