There are tons of things that get me about these cats...but what gets me the most is that some she-cats quit their warrior duties for no good reason (besides being lazy) and mooch around in the Clan's coziest den all day. For StarClan's sake, it's the mother's job to care for her kits, and even if she died, the permanent queens wouldn't magically get milk from nowhere. At least Goldenflower was a warrior most of her life, and stayed in the nursery when she should have been an elder.

Ferncloud -

  • She's the one who gets me the most. She had good apprentice training, but it all went to waste. The most honorable thing she ever did was pitch in to kill Bone. I agree she's kind and caring, but still.
  • She thinks she's so dependent just because she's a queen, and hardly pitches in for a single battle.
  • Since Vicky got so many complaints about her staying in the nursery and doing nothing else, she did the most cruel thing and killed her. Why not just let her fight and kick her out of the nursery?
  • She was far too sweet and innocent to die, you can't argue with that. But honestly, her life was becoming a bore - be born, become an apprentice, be made a warrior, fall in love with Dustpelt, have kits, have some more kits, stay in the nursery, have some more kits, stay in the nursery, fight one battle, die!

Daisy -

  • She sits around and whines about herself and her kits, and is still living the life of a kittypet, except she's being pampered by cats, not humans.
  • She's not even interested in hunting or fighting to help the cats who kept her alive. She's a useless drain of resources on ThunderClan.
  • She called brave Brightheart UGLY for StarClan's sake, and then tried to steal her mate.
  • Firestar made a reckless decision, allowing her to stay in the Clan.

Clovertail -

  • She was spoiled and whiny from the start.
  • Okay, she did some warrior duties, but after having Birdkit, Honeykit, and Sandykit, she chose to stay in the nursery, even though the mothers were capable of taking care of their own kits.
  • She was capable of doing warrior duties, but just plain lazy.

They're so selfish, lying out of fighting and hunting just to have a leisurely life. They should be chased out of their Clans ASAP. Period.

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