Sorry I won't be able to do this myself (I'm not familiar with the technology of creating a website and I wouldn't get any signatures if I did it by hand), :) but who agrees we should write a petition to HarperCollins to convince the Erins to write a super edition about what happens after the battle? Isn't everyone itching to find out what happens to Cinderheart and Lionblaze's or Dovewing and Bumblestripe's kits? Honestly! And wouldn't we want to know what happens when Brambleclaw finally wins control over ThunderClan? Or who gave him his nine lives? I'd love to know if you agree.

(I could write to HarperCollins myself, and maybe a few other users on this wiki could too, if a petition won't work out. Or we could put a page up on this wiki and get as many signatures as possible.)

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