SPOILER ALERT! Okay, so my previous blog was to write a petition to HarperCollins to write a super edition about what happens after The Last Hope. What I want to know is, what does everyone THINK will happen?

Here are my ideas -

  • Squirrelflight (I don't want her too, she's my favorite character) - well, I think something will happen to her, since no leader's deputy has lasted to the end!
  • Cinderheart and Lionblaze, Dovewing and Bumblestripe, and Ivypool and Toadstep (maybe) will have kits.
  • Cinderheart and Lionblaze - Honeykit (Honeywing) (golden brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes), Hollykit (Hollyfrost) (black she-cat with blue eyes), Firekit (Firestorm) (red-brown tom with yellow eyes)
  • Dovewing and Bumblestripe - Fernkit (Fernstorm) (gray she-cat with blue eyes), Shrewkit (Shrewflight) (brown tom with amber eyes), Stormkit (Stormfoot) (blue-gray tom with yellow eyes)
  • Ivypool and Toadstep - Daisykit (Daisyfur) (cream she-cat with green eyes), Larchkit (Larchtail) (black tabby she-cat), Spiderkit (Spiderweb) (black-and-white tom with long legs)
  • Jayfeather will get an apprentice!
  • Molepaw and Cherrypaw will get their warrior names.
  • Daisy'll get chased out of ThunderClan for being completely useless.
  • Nightcloud and Breezepelt come back and try to take over ThunderClan with Crowfeather and Heathertail.
  • Rowanclaw will become leader after Blackstar.
  • Ashfoot will become leader after Onestar.
  • I dunno...maybe Scourge's siblings will find ThunderClan and try to restart BloodClan...or the Clans will find new Clans all together.

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