I don't get how Firestar died before Greystripe Sandstorm and Dustpelt. Having 9 lives he should have lived at least x2 longer them.  I understand how leaders are with lives... if it was a normal cat they would not have to be invold in everything meaning they would be in need of all those extra lives because they are less likley to die than their leader loosing a life. But still, Firestar died 9 times and all of his freinds who were with him as apprentices in the first book of the Origanal Arc, Into The Wild are still alive after him.  I know exactly why they're still alive... dramaa. The only thing is I don't see any logic in this. Another thing bothering me is this, he got successful too quick. Remember he became a warrior in the the first book, then in the second book got his first apprentice, Cinderpaw (pelt) only moons after becoming a warrior, third book second apprentice and new title as deputy, fifth book third apprentice, sixth book new title as leader. Honestly I think it all went down fast. I adore Firestar as a character, it is how quick it all was that I dislike. 

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