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  • LunaClipse339

    How could Ashfur love Squirelflight? Because here is my theory:

    Ashfur is the Half Brother to Sandstorm

    Because their Mother Is Brindleface

    and Squirelflight is Sandstorm's daughter so....

    that makes them Uncle and neice!

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  • LunaClipse339

    Last night I got the last hope and I read some of it and..... It's just sad! Firestar goes to StarClan WITHOUT Spottedleaf, Brambleclaw( Bramblestar) appoints Squirelflight as deputy! And Hollyleaf! why did they take so many cat's lives!?!?! but anyway I have a question.....

    Who will you miss? Mine would be Spottedleaf & Hollyleaf. Read more >
  • LunaClipse339

    people are thinking about who may be the 4th in The Three. Dovewing thinks it's Ivypool and Jayfeather thinks its Mothwing ( I read an exert it was good!) well I think it's Foxleap or Icecloud because think about it :

    Sandstorm is related to Dustpelt (who is her uncle)

    and Sandstorm is Firestar's mate and.

    Dustpelt is Foxleap ans Icecloud 's father and i don't think the others are fit to save the clans so lets's see why and cross out the others

    Spiderleg : rude and a jerk to Daisy, Toadstep & Rosepetal

    Birchfall: Trains in dark forest.. how can he save the clans?

    Shrewpaw: Dead

    Larchkit & Hollykit: Same as Shrewpaw!

    So now you see my reasoning! hope you enjoyed why I think it's either one of them!

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