people are thinking about who may be the 4th in The Three. Dovewing thinks it's Ivypool and Jayfeather thinks its Mothwing ( I read an exert it was good!) well I think it's Foxleap or Icecloud because think about it :

Sandstorm is related to Dustpelt (who is her uncle)

and Sandstorm is Firestar's mate and.

Dustpelt is Foxleap ans Icecloud 's father and i don't think the others are fit to save the clans so lets's see why and cross out the others

Spiderleg : rude and a jerk to Daisy, Toadstep & Rosepetal

Birchfall: Trains in dark forest.. how can he save the clans?

Shrewpaw: Dead

Larchkit & Hollykit: Same as Shrewpaw!

So now you see my reasoning! hope you enjoyed why I think it's either one of them!

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