I had recently found an interest on Crookedstar. After reading the book, I could not believe anything that went on. I decided to (try) and give a short summary on this amazing cat and his unbelievable journey from kit to leader. Crookedkit, actually born of the name Stormkit, is the second born kit to Rainflower, after his brother Oakkit, in Riverclan. These two kits began their life with a loving caring mother, and a strong, kind father. These mischievous little kits loved trouble, and they got into it many times. On one journey, the kits went on a "border patrol", and ran to the stepping stones, beside Thunderclan territory. The medicine cat of Thunderclan, Goosefeather, was picking herbs for his store. Oakkit and Stormkit saw this, and Stormkit rose and challenged Goosefeather. Not too good of a thing to do! Goosefeather started chasing them, and Stormkit fell on one of the stepping-stones, and broke his jaw. He was rushed into the medicine cat den, where he stayed for about two moons (two moths). When he was let out and able to go back to the nursery. He was greeted by all his clanmates. But this sweet reunion turned into a stare-at-the-deformed-kit meeting. Oakkit welcomed him back with warm purrs. But his mother, acted very different. She had told Stormkit that he would no longer be sleeping with his littermate, and instead she gave him his own nest. Now, if you are thinking this was a good thing, it actually wasn't. His mother basically said "Okay little thing I don't want my precious kit to catch your... ugliness." Then Stromkit's father, Shellheart, asked Oakkit if he had his own nest. The answer was no. Shellheart asked to speak with Rainflower outside. Their discussion followed as this. "His own nest?" "He has to grow up eventually" Rainflower answered. "But Oakkit can stay in your nest?" Shellheart hissed. "Stromkit must be used to his own nest after so long in the medicine den." Shellheart snorted. "At least you're still calling him Stormkit." "And I'll keep calling him that till Hailstar changes his name formally." "So you're still determined to change his name to Crookedkit?" "It will suit him." .... This went on for a long time, Rainflower saying it was Stormkit's fault he was ugly. Shellheart and Rainflower decided to no longer be mates because Shellheart did not like that she was renaming him. The leader of Riverclan changed his name to Crookedkit, to represent his crooked jaw. After that, one of the most heartbreaking things Rainflower did was unclaimed him. She pushed him away from her and made sure he would feel left out. When Oakkit did something, she would praise him with affection. When Crookedkit did the same thing, she gave him scorn, and told him he can't do those things. Crookedkit was going to be made an apprentice later, because when he was in to medicine den, he didn't grow. Oakkit was made an apprentice (Oakpaw) and Rainflower left Crookedkit alone in the nursery.

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