My probable favorite cat is Mapleshade (if you didn't guess by my username :p) I think people immediately doubt the fact that she was angered by her clan, and by her former mate. If I asked you what you thought about her, your immediate thought would be murderer. True she did kill a medicine cat and Appledusk, but she had good reasons. She killed Ravenwing because he basically got her kicked out of her only home. She had good reason. In her defense she killed him at the Moonstone, where he was closest to Starclan. She killed Appledusk for a very good reason. When she went, seeking shelter for her and her kits, Appledusk ignored her and left her to go with another. How did she feel? She felt like the world crashed down on her. Mapleshade's one true love completely ignored her, because her kits died. In one day, she lost her Clan, her kits, and her mate. Would you not seek revenge for all those reasons?

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