Warning: This may contain spoilers

Please keep in mind that this is my own opinnion and you don't have to agree with me.

  1. 10 Quine: She tried, but not hard to stop Ruby and Socks from bullying Tiny (Scourge.) This ended up Scourge going crazy
  1. 9 Fallowtail: Gave up Willowkit and Graykit even thought they didn't want to go.
  1. 8 Bluestar: She gave her kits away so that she could become deputy
  1. 7 Featherstorm: She didn't tell Raggedpelt/star who his father was and let others bully hi, about the possibility of him being a kittypet.
  1. 6 Cinders: She just abandoned her kits.
  1. 5 Nightcloud: The only reason she ever had Breezepelt was because she was to afraid of not having kits, and she didnt really like Crowfeather either!!
  1. 4 Palebird: Ignored Talltail/star and only loved her 2nd litter
  1. 3 Yellowfang: Almost killed the entire forest because she couldn't tell Brokenkit/star that she was his mother.
  1. 2 Rainflower: One day Stormkit broke his jaw, Rainflower renamed him to Crookedkit and stopped loving him because he wasn't 'her hansom kit anymore'.
  1. 1 Lizardstripe: She physically abused Brokenkit (tail.) Thats why he's so evil!

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