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  • Minnowflight

    Seriously. I don't get why Leafstar allows them into SkyClan. They're kittypets, and warriors. One time they're in homes, letting themselves being spoiled, and then the next thing, they're being in the camp. It isn't really a wonder why everyone disrespects them. They sometimes miss ceremonies because they're stuck in their homes, and I honestly think that Leafstar made a big mistake letting the, into SkyClan. They should make up their mind! Do they want to be a kittypet or a warrior?

    Also, they've shown that they can be really disrespectful. For example, look at Harveymoon and Macgyver. They complained to Sharpclaw about they don't even sleep in the nests and they don't need to. In my perspective, they're really spoiled and uncooperative. …

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