I think this is how I make a blog post.. Forgive me if I'm wrong. xD

Well, lets get things started. It has come to my attention that same cats (when in a forbidden relationship) will say: "Not even StarClan can keep us apart." or "In StarClan, we'll always be together with no boundaries." So, blah, blah blah, romance, romance. I figured (too lazy to check the book) that Graystripe would have said familiar things to Silverstream. **Spoiler for people who didn't read the Power of Three or the manga** As you already know, Graystripe took another mate, Millie. But what will happen when he joins the rank of StarClan? I mean, he has to chose ONE. I think that would just be weird, him having two mates.. xD What do you predict will happen? Sorry for such a short post, but it does get you thinking, yes? Same goes for Spottedleaf and Sandstorm! (kind of)

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