The first couple times I read the warrior book cats of the clans, I didn't think much of it. But as I read it over and over again, I noticed that the narrator, Rock, hinted some stuff that would happen in the future. First I'll show you the "I hope" and "I wish", because why would Rock say it if he is suposed to know what happens anyway? Remember, Cats of the clans came out when Outcast came out.


I wish Firestar nothing but peace, and a long life. Ha, empty words from me, who knows how every one of Firestar's lives will end.


I hope he(Graystripe) never forgets how much she has given up for him, and how far she has traveled from he home, in more ways than one.


I hope Firestar appreciates her journy as much as she deserves.


Squirrelflight is a good mother to Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw. I hope Squirrelflight is well rewarded for her devotion.


I hope your ancestors watch over her more closely this time.

Here are some other ones:


How could their love lead to anything but misery and ill fortune? Even now it echoes among the clans, coloring their future in ways that not even Leafpool can see.


Is his heart really as pure as he wants us to believe? Can Tigerstar's son ever truly step out of the shadows? Your looking at me round-eyed, all three of you', as if I know the answer. I do, but now is not the time to share. Some things are best left to destiny to unfurl.


For her, the warrior code is the root and reward of every choice a clan cat has to make, and she would tread on the hardest paths to defend it. Wit can be sharper than claws; remember that little ones.


Lionpaw should be careful. These are not his allies.


She and her kits could do much to salvage Shadowclan's reputation.


...Thunderclan has been rewarded by the presence of a fair and peaceful medicine cat in their rival clan, who will never forget the dept he owes.


By letting her(Leafpool) go, did he lose any hope of happiness for himself?


But Breezepaw needs to learn that a battle is unfair from the start if there are secrets waiting in the shadows, and if the cats around him have left a legacy of mastakes and ill judgement that has not reached its end.


...and if she seems hostile and defensive when dealing with the other clans, it's not because she doesn't trust them; its because she no longer trusts her own judgement, and fears for the safety of her clan if she makes another mastake.


She'll succeed Leopardstar one day, which means a half clan cat will be leader. But it would be a foolish Thunderclan cat who thought Mistyfoot had any loyalty exept the clan that raised her and her brother.

What I found out... SPOILER ALERT

Firestar: This may be a hint that Firestar's death won't be a good one.

Millie: Could be hinting of Millie's change of attitude (ever since Briarlight broke her spine).

Squirrelflight: Ever since the truth came out, Leafpool's kits don't want anything to do with her.

Leafpool: Hinting of the truth that will come out, and the disasters that will come with it.

Brambleclaw: Erin Hunter has plans for Brambleclaw... (I sure hope the Erins don't turn him into an evil kitty D:)

Hollypaw: Hints that something will happen to Hollypaw, and it has something to do with the warrior code.

Tigerstar: Tells that Tigerstar is not Lionpaw's friend. (tell us something new, Rock!)

Tawnypelt: She and her kits could make Shadowclan a better clan. (looking at Tigerheart, I'm not so sure)

Littlecloud: Hinting of Littlecloud's refusal to forget about the other clans. (night whispers)

Crowfeather: Crowfeather might never be happy again.

Breezepaw: Spoiler for the battle between Breezepelt and Jayfeather.

Leopardstar: Explains why Leopardstar took over the lake in the fourth apprentice.

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