When The fourth apprentice came out, the covors of both fading echoes and night whispers were out. Now that night whispers is out, the covor of sign of the moon is out, but NOT the forgotten warrior. I keep checking but the covor is still not revealed. Then I think of the theries of Hollyleaf being on the covor of the forgotten warrior, and that the erins are refusing to tell if she is dead or alive. Could this mean... that Hollyleaf really is on the covor? But the erins don't want us to see it? Its just a hunch, but its interesting to think about.

May 10th

Ok, It has been revealed that Hollyleaf is NOT on the cover of the forgotten warrior. Lionblaze is. But Hollyleaf could still be the "Forgotten Warrior". I think she is, since there have been hints all over the place in the Omen of the Stars series:

  1. Jayfeather finding yarrow at the entrence of camp. (Hollyleaf used to be a medicine cat)
  2. Jayfeather feeling like someone was watching him right after Tigerheart was spotted by the border(he said the scent was very familiar)
  3. When Ivypool and Blossomfall explore the tunnels, and see two cats. One is suspected to be Fallen Leaves, since he said: "I was expecting someone else" which might mean Jayfeather. The other one was said to be too far for Ivypool to see it's pelt.
  4. When Icecloud fell in the tunnels, barely feet from the exact place Hollyleaf went in, she survived with only a wrenched shoulder.(later, when Jayfeather and Lionblaze go to the whole where Icecloud fell in, they find a tuft of Hollyleaf's fur)

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