Hi, Mistystar22 here, and today I am doing a blog post on siblings, you may have seen my previous article about favorite sister between Divewing and Ivypoool, if not, check it out!


In warriors cats it is pretty rare to be born an only child/kit, usually you would have at least one other sibling, today I am going to talk about three siblings, compare and contrast facts, and then you will choose who you like best. I will be comparing one of the most popular trio, Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf.


Jayfeather is stubborn, and has a sharp tounge, some dislike him for this, others think it is his way of defending himself against the pity from others. Did I mention, he's blind? He always has been ever since he was a tiny kit. When he was in the nursary, he wanted to be a warrior as bad as both of his litter mates, but not many cats thought he could do it, being blind and all. On the day of his apprentice ceremony his mentor was Brightheart, as mah of you know, Brightheart is a warrior who lost one eye in a dog fight when she was an apprentice, I assume that firestar thought it would be best for Jayfeather if he was to become a warrior, to have training from someone who had eye troubles as well. Jayfeather hated this arrangement, knowing what firestar was doing, he did not want to be treated differently. Jayfeather had a dream saying that he must become a medicine cat, which he ignored intill he could not ignor it any more, it was his destiny, even though he could not be a warrior, he must try his best, for his clan. Brightheart is dismayed when she finds out, and Jayfeather trains with Leafpool for a while before he finds out about the prophecy, he knows that he is one of the cats in it, for the found out when walking in Firestars dream, which not many cats can do. He tells his siblings, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze about the prophecy and they are convinced that they are the cats. When Jayfeather finds out that Sauirrleflight is not his mother, but instead that role was played by Leafpool he feels betrayed. And when Hollyleaf is driven almost mad, he feels he has failed. Losing Hollyleaf was one of the hardest things for him. But they found the real cat of the prophecy, Dovewing, and he helps to train her for the battle ahead.


Lionblaze has always been strong and feisty. He excelled in battle training when he was an apprentice and he always fought his hardest in battle, without a scratch on him, he took risks but only because he knew he could never be defeated in battle, for he was one of the three. When Lionblaze was an apprentice he was visited by Tigerstar in his dreams, like Bramblestar had been, Lionbalze was trained in his sleep, in fighting and tactics, at the same time he had a mentors, (Ashfur) who trained him extremely hard, fighting with claws unsheathed. Then Lionblaze fell, not in a river, but in love. He fell for a pretty she cat named Heatherpaw. This all would have been okay exsept Heatherpaw was from WindClan. They met in secret in the tunnels, forming their own Clan, they called it DatkClan. All was fun intill Lionpaw begain to fall WAY behind on his apprentice training. He was tired. Tigerstar convinced Lionbalze to stop hanging out with Hetherpaw and reluctantly he agreed. Lionblaze became a warrior, and found out about Leafpool and Squirrleflight. He was astonished and mad, and when Hollyleaf disappeared into the tunnels, he was devastated. He became mentor to Dovewing and he helped train her when it ca,e to using her powers. Some people say that Lionblaze is a show off, and power hungry, while others say he tried to do what was right, even if it Kent battling.


Hollyleaf was a cat obsessed with the warrior code, and rules, this made her a good warrior, but it could also make her bossy. She trained her hardest everyday and tried to keep her brothers out of trouble. She was known to reprimand cats when found guilty of breaking a rule, the warrior code was her life. She tried to help everyone out, bringing them food ect. She was happy, and when she found out about the prophecy she believed that she was the third cat, she was existed she did not want to have a mate or retire to the nursary she wanted to be leader, and she hoped that the prophecy would help her, she wanted to preserve the warrior code, forever! On the night of the fire she was angry, disappointed, and she felt betrayed, what if she was half clan, what is she was part rouge?!? Her whole existence was breaking the warrior code! She didn't want anyone to know that she, the one who loved the warrior code, had been breaking it her whole life! When Ashfur threatened to tell all the clans at a gathering Hollyleaf went a bit crazy, she found Ashfur, and to stop him from telling every cat, they fought, Hollyleaf won the fight when Ashfur was killed, she couldn't believe it, she had killed at cat! But atleast the secret was safe, or so she thought, at the gathering she ended up blurting out the secret, stripping her mother of her medicine cat duties and making Squirrleflight u trusted by her mate, she felt the weight of the secrets and ran into the tunnels leaving everyone with the impression that she was dead, she came back a hero, and died for her clan during the battle between the Dark forest and the Clans.


So, who do you think is the better sibling, they all have their faults, but no cat is purrfect lol corny. comment below on who your favorite is!

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