Hi everyone, Mistystar22 here, and today I am going to be comparing the Warriors cats books and the Harry Potter books. We will start out with the first series

So, in Harry Potter the main character is a boy named Harry who comes into the wizarding world surprised, because he did not know that witches and wizards existed let alone that he was one, now if you think about it, that's sort of like how Firestar (or Rusty) came into the clan, he had herd of the wild cats, but never really knew what they were like, I felt like when Graypaw tackled him on the border, it was sort of the same as where Harry puts the sorting hat on his head, Firestar got sorted into the Gryffindor of the forest, ThunderClan.

Graypaw and Firepaw become fast friends, sort of like Harry and Ron, then when Sandstorm comes into the picture, she is like Ginny, although I do think that they are a bit different, Anyway they have some adventures together, and eventually Fireheart(Harry) takes on Tigerstar(Voldemort) for the first time, he wins and Tigerstar(Voldemort) disappears.

Then we skip all the way to the Last Hope(Deathly Hallows) where Tigerstar(Voldemort) comes back with all of his supporters to try and destroy the Clans(Hogwarts). The Clans(Hogwarts) win, and Firestar(Harry) dies killing Tigerstar(Voldemort) except in Harry Potter, Harry comes back to life to finally defeat the Dark Lord, while in Warriors, Firestar stays dead.

Now, here are some cats that I think relate to Harry Potter Characters

Spottedleaf-Cho Chang- Firestar(Harry) briefly likes

Maybe Whitestorm- Dumbledore, Brave, but dies, close-ish to Harry(Firestar) and close to Bluestar(McGonagall)

Bluestar-As seen above Professor McGonagall

Firestar- Harry Potter for reasons stated above at the top-ish of the article

Graystripe- Ron reasons stated above at top-ish

Sandstorm- Hermione/Ginny- Friends with Firestar and Graystripe, sort of like Hermione, but she becomes mates with Firestar so that makes her more like Ginny.

Silverstream/Millie- Hermione sort of, because Graystripe(Ron) takes them as mates.

Things that relate in both series

In both of the books there are ways that everyone sort of gets sorted, Houses and Clans.

I think ThunderClan is Gryffindor, because the main characters of the story come from both those houses/Clans, the main character of the first arc in warriors is from ThunderClan, and the main character thought the Harry Potter books is in Gryffindor.

RiverClan and WindClan are sort of a mixture of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, although I think WindClan could also have a hint of Slytherin when Onestar is ruling, and when Tallstar is ruling it is a bit more of a Hufflepuff, RiverClan is a bit more Ravenclaw the Hufflepuff in my opinion, they think a lot as well.

Now ShadowClan was defiantly Slytherin when Brokenstar and Tigerstar lead, although it is less so when Blackstar and Rowanstar lead, at least I think so because we haven't heard much about Rowanstars leadership so far.

Well that's all I have to say for now, please comment if you have any more similarities you want me to add!

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