Hi today I am doing a blog on pairs of sisters, the first one is Ivypool and Dovewing. You guys will choose which one you like best based on their characteristics.


Dovewing'is mentor was lionblaze, which was pretty convenient because she found out she was one of the tree (or later four) she did not want to be special and she hated lying to her clan mates, especially her siste, about her powers. Some say she is a Mary Sue beacuse she did not really want her powers when she had them, but when she lost them she hated it. Others say she is misunderstood for some of these reasons. There was also this big thing between her a Tigerheart, she would seek out at night to meet him, which caused similar effects on her as it did Lionblaze when he was meeting heatherpaw in the tunnels. But at the same time, bumblestripe was trying to get closer to her, but she hardly noticed, and that crushed him. She went on the journey to find water, and she might have saved the lake, and the clans from lack of water. Some say that when the clans journeyed for water her relationship with Tigerheart was began. She was a loyal warrior to her clan, and her hearing served a huge purpose


Ivypool was a bit shy in the beginning, at she apprentice ceremony she mentioned that she was going to be sick. But later we see her blossoming in a way. Her mentor was Cinderheart, and in the Dark Forest it was Hawkfrost. She first came to the dark forest in her dreams after she sees Firestar and all the senior warriors treating Dovepaw like royalty, she meats Hawkfrost, who promised that she would be as powerful and as well respected if she trained with him in her dreams. She agreed. But later she finds out that the Dark Forest is training cats for evil, and she never wants to go back. But Lionblaze says she has to, to spy, so reluctantly she goes back in her dreams, and manages to work her way up to warrior position, even though it means she had to kill. She found out when the battle was going to be, and she tried to convince the other cats of ThunderClan to stop fighting in the Dark Forest, this does not work. Later after the battle was won, when the Dark Forest cats are sitting secluded from the rest of the clan, she joins them, even though in the end, she was risking her life every night spying for her clan. Although some say she was just power hungry and wanted to be better then her sister, sort of like some cats who belong in the dark forest.


So, which sister do you think is better? Comment below! (Might add more later)

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