So, everyone should have gotten a little notification on their task bar about a "webinar". Normally, I assume that most of you would just ignore it, but this is something I think y'all might be interested in.

I took this from link that the notification gave:

In this webinar we will focus on best practices for handling conflict on your wiki. We will review methods for dealing with vandals and how to mediate conflicts between community members. Presenting the webinar will be our Director of Community Support Sannse Carter Cushway and Community Manager Sarah Manley.

Join us to learn tips, tricks & answers to all of your questions.

I can name about 10 people that this will probably interest. Before you jump into action, keep these points in mind:

  • This webinar is first come, first serve, and there's a 100 user limit.
  • A microphone of some sort is required. Even if you have a build in microphone, it is recommended that a headset is used. If you do not have one, a telephone can be used.
  • It takes place on Friday, January 13 2012, 7:30-8:30 EST.
  • I plan on attending, so, even if you don't know what my voice sounds like, I should be there. You can ask me questions about it.
  • It's free. :D

Please, if you want to help make a difference on this Wiki, consider registering. I believe it will make a large impact on the Wiki. Moonflight 19:59, January 5, 2012 (UTC)