Many leaders have lead the five Clans. Some, like Brokenstar and Tigerstar, caused natrual havoc within the Clan, even harming their own Clan in the process.Others, however, have let StarClan guide them and hold significant places in the memory of cats forever.

One of the most popular choices is the recently fallen ThunderClan leader,Firestar. Us readers have watched him join the forest, become a faithful warrior, gain the trust (and hate) of many cats and rise to lead the beloved forest Clan. He has been described as handsome, intelligent, a natrual leader. He seems to find his way in every thing that happens in the Clans; whether trying to help or being the cause of it. He has also commited several heroic acts worthy of being crowned the greatest leader. He brought WindClan beck from exile alongside Graystripe, he revealed to ThunderClan Tigerstar (then Tigerclaw)'s treachery, convinced two Clans not to fight, led all four Clans into battle agaisnt BloodClan, revived SkyClan,led ThunderClan safetly to the new territories around the lake etc. Firestar did many things while alive,so much that you would think he already had number one on lock. None other Clan leader went on as many adventures, as many quests as Firestar, yet many deserve to be notice. Such as:

Tallstar was leader of WindClan for what could have been eons in the cat world. He led them through being driven out, suffering from bouts of hunger and still managed to remain respected and awed. His dying desicion may or may not have been the best for his Clan, but did it anyways, not only trusting StarClan, but himself.

Bluestar is the leader many readers dislike. They say she was a old mean, crazy, heartless, whiny she-cat who spent her life sulking around due to her choices. She lost her kits due to loyalty to her Clan, her mother and sister died before her eyes, she fell in love with a rival... she could only support so much. But still, Bluestar remained the strong, fearless ThunderClan leader she believed StarClan had prophesied her to be. That was, until Tigerclaw revealed himself to be the biggest thraet her Clan- the one she sacrificed her kits for- faced. He was her third deputy; she had lost Redtail and Lionheart a few seasons back. She banished him, but became this frail, paranoid old she-cat who distrusted every cat in her Clan. She died, however, for them, driving a dog pack over the gorge. So despite all of her troubles, does Bluestar have a chance to be one of the greatest leaders the Clans have ever known?

These are not all of the leaders i wished to mentioned; we must not forget Crookedstar who was a wise, farsighted leader, Leopardstar, who, despite her hostilty, managed to keep RiverClan safe until the last moons of her life, Sunstar who made ThunderClan feared under his reign and so many more. Who was the best leader in the Clans?

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