Both Bluestar and Yellowfang suffered alot for there descions in life.Both had dangerous messages hanging over them sent from StarClan, both had forbidden love and both taught Firestar valuable lessons in their short time with him.

Yellowfang was born with hyper-emphaty, which caused her to become medicine cat where her power would be much more useful.Yet, despite become a medicine cat and eventually liking her role, she never stopped hanging out with Raggedstar and eventaully, just after she called everything off with him,she got pregnant. Not so bad, right? She could pull of a Leafpool-Squirrelflight thing with one of the queens, right? No, she gave birth to three kits, loss two nearly automatcally and watched the remaining one, a son, rise to power and become the most muderous Clan cat in Clan history.

Bluestar life was good... for the first 6 moons of it. She lost her mother before she could participate in a true battle, had to deal with a prophecy that fortold her demise, lost her sister, fell in love with a tom from a rival Clan, had three kits, gave them away to save her Clan from destruction, one froze to death, was betrayed by one of her most trusted warriors, and became a paranoid, elderly leader who acted as if she went through hell and back.

Both harbored major secrets.But now, at least, both can rest in StarClan. But who had it worse? Who held the bigger secret? Who held their secet better? Opinions please, my first blog.

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