Ok. The cats kill eagles in the books. How? They put a dead mouse on the ground then jump on the eagle. No. Just no. Eagles don't eat things as small as mice. Eagles only scavenge on dead deer or dead cats or big things. Eagles don't fly away with what they're scavenging. Also, an eagle would notice the cat hiding probably. it would leap up into the air when the cat tries to get it, so the cat would slip off or not even touch it. if a cat landed on the eagle, it would shake the cat off. This isn't my only problem. Foxes are not a danger to cats, especially a clan, because a single cat can and will scare a fox away or beat it in a fight. Foxes don't and can't attack cats, cats attack foxes. Foxes won't and can't attack them because the cat can sense them coming and run and climb a tree or fight. Cats almost always beat foxes in fights. Foxes are scared of cats. Now rats. Rats won't attack cats, and cats just rip them off with claws. Rats can't and have never killed cats. Now dogs. Dogs aren't fast enough to catch cats, and cats sense them coming easily, so there's no way they'd catch them. Almost not dogs want to catch them, they just chase them. What else? Badgers. They just don't attack cats. i've missed something. Meh. i don't care. But i understand. This is in the books to make it exciting. Think about it, if the cats had no dangers, it would be seriously boring. So yeah. They could put coyotes in... Coyotes definitely kill and eat cats. And golden eagles and bald eagles have a chance of catching a cat (not usually healthy adults). Even wolves, if they hunt in packs. But life.

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