• I live in Thunderclan
  • I was born on January 5
  • My occupation is apprentice training to be warrior
  • I am she-cat(female)
  • Morningpaw(Heart

    hi guys i know alot of you like warriors so you should check out this book the book is..... The First Battle , Dawn of the clans      I really dont know if they are to seprate books because i searched them up and i did not find Dawn of the clan but i really want to read them i did not read that much warrior books but when i finish blueStar's prothecy i think i will buy them  even know i might not finish BlueStar's prothecy im only page 151  but if i have the chance i will buy them if u are interested you should buy them today or the next day or the day after that how ever you feel there are alot No i mean alot of warrior lovers in the world once in my school a warrior book became a great stone face book ( speical book for fifth graders ) s…

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